Original Print Design

Since our start, we have employed freelance and in-house artists to create innovative, on-trend prints to be used for apparel, home furnishings, or anywhere else a print could be utilized. Although our methods have changed over the years, the high standards we hold our artists to has not faltered. Currently, all of our prints are available in Photoshop or Illustrator files with layers, and most of them are already put into repeat. Our artists have years of experience working with these types of designs, so let us do the work for you.

Vintage Archive

Along with our original collection, we also have an extensive vintage archive curated by our expert vintage buyer. We carry vintage prints, garments, shapes, documents, embellishments, embroidery, yarn dyes and more. Our ever-changing collection is available for viewing alone, or along with the original artwork. We have vintage collections in both the Los Angeles and New York offices, so you can view options regardless of your location.